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Meet ups

We hold quarterly hang outs to discuss issues and themes that are emerging across our work.

We also hold bi-annual in-person meet ups and speak at festivals and conferences.

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Service Design Fringe Festival 2019 – 25th October 2019

Where are we now and where are we going? Design in the third sector panel hosted by Mat Hunter

Service design used by a growing number of charities in different ways, from setting the foundations to delivering services. Unlike many other types of organisation, charities have the unique opportunity to use service design to put real needs first. Join our expert panel as we uncover how service design is being used in the charity sector, the impact it’s having and the direction it’s going in.

This discussion will examine the different approaches teams are taking to put the needs of people first. We’ll talk about the lessons learnt along the way, and raise the question, where are we going? The eclectic panel will each bring their own point of view and experience.

Our charity representatives will each talk through their work before having an open discussion with the chance for questions from the audience.

What our members say

Walt Disney

This group to me means having a safe space for sharing experiences, opinions and ideas with a wonderful bunch of like-minded people that work on things that matter


J. K. Rowling

This group is such an insightful bunch. They support me in my ambitions and are critical friends.


Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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